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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 27, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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story of hank the unofficial adopted mascot of the browers. >> we don't have time. >> winston is popular but nothing like hank. he is a great dog, thanks for joining us. >> america's news head quarter ares starts right now. fox news alert from the ukraine. fast- moving events. russian gun seized the government buildings. russia is giving shelter on the ukraine ousted leader and ordering surprise war games and u.s. sending a stern message to moscow don't meddle. will this be a tipping point and will moscow send in troops? a new poll that reveals a tough fight ahead for the president and his party.
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i am bill hemmer. >> and i am alisyn camerota. a new york times cbs news poll find six in ten americans say they are disappointed in the obama president so. chris walla ce joins us now. is this the second term blues or obama care related? >> the answer is yes to both. obviously obama care is the main focus and you can see how unhappy people are for obama care. it is a tough year on a variety of issues that he failed to get his way with. and people are not happy with. it it is something troubling for republicans in this poll. while 41 percent approve of the
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president lowest number right after the roll out of obama care, when it comes to the generic poll, republicans lead but by only three points and that lends credibility to the argument that just opposing obama care is not enough. they need a firm agenda to say to middle-class and working class people, we have a program that, if you let us keep the house and take control of the senate, we'll push to put americans back to work. >> you are right about the same for republicans and some glimmer of hope for them in what the poll found in independence. 40 percent of independents say they are very disappointed compared to 27 percent of those who said that in august 2012. independence that coveted group seem the most disappointed. >> yeah, that is bad for the
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president and again, as i made on the over all point. there is a difference of how they view and unhappy they are with the president and how they view it with the two parties. it will be your local democratic or republican congressman or challenger and senator and their challenger and their republicans lead by three points and historically speaking since 1946, if the president's approval rating is over 57 percent. his party, with the republican party and president, the party loses 14 sets in the house if the president's approval rating is under 50 percent he loses the seats in the house. the fact that the president is not popular translates for a larger loss for the party in the 6th year.
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>> is there any talk from the white house of how they will fix the feeling. >> they hope that obama care will work better. the website is working better. but the same concerns and people losing policies and premiums going up. they rrnt. and the other way the president is doing it is in 2012 and that is to change the subject and talking about the unemployment and minimum wage. and obama care, you may not be happy with me but i am better than the republicans. the republicans have to have a positive and firm agenda so they can fight back. it is not just a question of obama care, when it comes to helping the middle-class or working class, we have a plan for you, too. >> chris, great to talk to you. and remember to tune in for fox news sunday. he will talk with republican
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senator rob portman about the latest on the budget and spending of the tax dollars. >> looking forward to. that another poll that may trouble for the president, survey finds that uninsured americans opposition to the law is hit an all- time high. stephen moore, how are you, sir? >> these are the people who need it the most, what is the problem? >> this poll shocked me, bill. six out of ten people who don't have insurance don't favor obama care. that is puzzling. you would think that people getting coverage would be people who support the plan. what you are finding when the president talks about the numbers. 4 or 5 million people signing up for obama care are people who are shifting their insurance. people who don't have insurance they don't understand how it
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works and reluctant to sign up and the people who are getting insurance are put in medicaid and people don't like medicaid. it is not a good coverage program. >> under this law medicaid is not good or worse under obama care? >> look, what we are doing to give people health insurance and get them coverage, many of them are dumped in the medicaid program that exists right now. we know from past 20 years medicaid is not a good coveraging program. hospitals and doctors don't take medicaid and may o clinic didn't have medicaid. and the dynamic is young people and the big population is young people and i am struck by the fact that they have the negative attitude about the law as well. >> that is because? >> this is just speculation on
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my part. if you are a young person and feeling invincible and like you don't need health insurance and you have a penalty if you don't sign up for obama carr. look, if you want health insurance and you are young, it is not that expensive to buy a plan if you are young and healthy and obama care is more expensive than what you get in the private market. >> there is a dead line and that is the end of march and look at what the survey found. 76 percent are not aware that there is a dead line coming up. where does that leave the uninsured? they will have a cold shower and they don't have the coverage. that means they are going to be slapped with a fine. it is not too expensive in the first year but it goes up year after year. and the level of unawareness of
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the law and how it works is amazing. the president spent tens and millions trying to educate the americans about the law and most americans don't understand it. >> stephen, thank you. >> there will be 30 million americans uninsured and that is the number we started with in 2009. we'll continue another time, steve. >> thank you. >> and hillary clinton a possible presidential candidate is defending obama care in a speech in the university of the miami telling the college audience why she believes that the new law is liberating for young americans. >> ultimately having access to health insurance not connected to employment subsidized as it is under the affordable care act liberates you to choose what you want to do in your life. you don't have to take a job. so many people in my gen raiding
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did just to have health insurance. >> clinton said the democrats are on the right track in spite of the problems and she is open to making changes in obama care if necessary but offered no specifics. n now to arizona. arizona's governor made her decision on a controversial pressure. republican jan brewer vetoing a bill that allow businesses to denotice service to gays and others depending on the business owners religious beliefs. here is claudia on the fallout from this now. >> reporter: bill, governor jan brewer is applauded by guy gay rights group and now she has to quiet the emotional uproar over the controversial bill that put the state of the arizona in the national spotlight. after considering the right to
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refuse measure brewer vetoing sb10 schoand calling it a divisive solution to a problem that didn't exist. >> senate bill 1062 does not address a specific concern related to religious liberty in arizona. i have not heard one example in arizona where a business owner's religious liberty was violated. >> reporter: the veto comes after days of loud and bitter protest and calling the state sanctioned legislation. and others say it was a small change to a law that covers religious freedol. others say she caved. but many in the business community are relieved as are brewer's fellow republicans who got it passed and called it a mistake. mccain came out of support of
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brower's decision as does hillary clinton. but the state is left browsed and legislature divided and most football fans are happy. the nfl had been watching it closely and hinted it might consider pulling the super bowl in feepex if it was signed into law. >> claudia cowan in phoenix. senator majority leader harry reid is under fire for saying the horror stories on obama care are made up. >> will moscow send in troops to the ukraine and can the u.s. do going to stop it? >> and score one for the good guys, a convenience store clerk turns in a hero and did it with a special move. >> my adrenalin took over and i didn't think twice about it. >> yeah, i was afraid. >> yeah, i was afraid. canned chorere mayo? corn dogs? you are so outtaere!
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an armed robber in california brought down by a convenience store workers and his moves would make a professional wrestler proud. check out the surveillance video. you can see the clerk twisting the gun men's arm and joe william who just finished his shift pile drives the suspect. and the police captain said it may have been heroic. and he would not suggest others try this move. >> i have seen and heard other situations where it turned extremely tragic and unnecessarily because people fought and resisted. it is a dangerous and critical incident. >> i am proud of myself, man. i did a good deed. >> that's the way to look at. it williams held the suspect down until the police got there and made the arrest.
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>> he should be proud. >> i will try to move later on hemmer. >> the u.s. warning russia against military intervention and saying the move was a grave mistake in response to vladimar putin's ordering war games on ukraine's doorstep. will there be a tipping point in which russia sends in the troops? fox news contributor john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations. good afternoon to you, sir. there seems to be something as he's gathering the attention or potential or possibility, do you? >> i think putin is doing what might be necessary if he decided to send troops in primarily in the case of a split of ukraine in the eastern and southern russian oriented portions. i don't think he wants.
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to i think he wants to avoid that. he is making a military and political signal to the interim government in kiev. he holds the cards. and this is a signal. >> the strat edgic is not understood by a lot of us. how do you so it? >> it is a very large country. 46 million. and it was the former bread basket of the soviet union and a contributor to economic growth and sits right now between the eastern border of nato and western border of russia russia wants to bring the former republics under soviet rule. and this is a question of whether putin can use oil and natural gas resources or if they
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will make their own future. when you hear president obama say we are not in competition to russia, he is ceding field to russia >> it went to a rocky five, and many would argue it is not a replay of the cold war, i don't know if you see it that way or not. >> it is not a replay. >> if putin can access to the water ways in the black sea, that is their access to the mediterranean. >> yeah, that's why he's using the crimea as leverage. it is where russia naval bases in the he's threatening to split ukraine off over bargaining leverage. it is not a replay of the cold war, but we returned a normal international system and involves competition and clash of interest. we can sit back and watch this
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happen consigning the ukraine to the russian orbit that is a mistake. >> do you so the country splitting east and west ukraine? >> it is unlikely at this point. i think both sides think they can win elections and they have been close in the recent past, but if it continues and violence escalates, a split is not unquestionable. >> washington is guaranteeing a billion dollars in loans, what does that do for you us? chicken feed. the russian control the overwhelming energy flows into the ukraine and oil and natural gas and hold ukranian debt and offered 15 billion in the yanukovych government. and the united states to be willing to put up a billion. obama administration might as well go back to sleep.
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>> thank you. food labels are getting a serious make over and will they change the way we eat? and then there is this. >> we can't breathe back here, go. >> leave the original belongings behind and get off of the plane. >> a scary scene on board of the cabin. filling with smoke and how it all ended in a moment. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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>> passengers on board of the delta flight forced from the cabben when the cabben filled with smoke. you can hear the flight attendant saying leave their personal stuff behind and get
10:24 am
out. the flight landed from in oakland. and the cause of the incident is under investigation. >> today for the first time since the nutrition label was developed two decades ago, we are overhauling the labels to make them easier to read and understand. this is a major undertaking involving folks from across the country from the fda and to the food industry and advocates in the communities in this country. >> that was first lady michelle obama announcing new labels to highlightical rows and sugars want. it will be the most sweeping changes in decades. how will it help america. mimi, great to see you. >> we'll see the calorie count and more realistic serving size.
10:25 am
how does it change? >> it is about getting more information about the consumer. it is a good question, will we make better choices? probably a little bit. >> bill hemmer has been trying to force this on me this morning. >> what is that. >> saying that is healthy and i check the healthy. ten grams of sugar and then read the fine print and find two servings in here. there are 20 grams of sugar in the healthy fig parand you will see that in bold print? >> and right on soda bottle. one would be two servings and it is one bottle and one serving and they were thinking they are taking in far fewer calories. and two girl scout cookies is 250 calories.
10:26 am
and the big change will be looking at theical rows and understand how many calories can i take in? take the ideal healthy weight and multiply it by ten and it is not a ton of calories. if you want more exercise more. >> that it is ten times your weight? >> and burn the empty calories, you have to jog a mile or exercise vigorously for ten minutes for every 100 calories. >> and food industry is not happy about the new policy. >> what is the problem and so controversial. >> anything that makes a consumer pause and buy less is hard for the food industry. they are not a charity. they are a business. lower cost of the production and sell more. i understand that but we are
10:27 am
a sick country. it is real financial dollars. we are making ourselves so sick. i like to see the advapsment and if is a mood in the right direction. >> this is based on old 67s. we didn't use to oat a muffin the size of our head. >> and excellent. >> and we imagine you have a lot to say about this. we would like to hear from you, bill. >> i don't read the labels anyway. do you? >> you have to read the labels. >> we want to know camerota. >> what would you label. >> and send me's tweet at bill hemmer. >> and to me at alisyn camerota. >> thank you, mimi. >> big security changes in the boston marathon. for the people who watch and
10:28 am
runners themselves. we'll tell you about that. >> they are called scream rooms and where american school children young as five years old get looked up and left alone. and the concerns about the psychological scars and calls grow to get rid of these. >> problems with obama care and senator harry reid called the stories lies and what he said in the fallout. >> pleasant of horror stories untold. they are untruchlt but they are told all over the america. and stories are made up. and lies, distorted by republicans to grab head hiens or make political advertisements. if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours.
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>> north korea firing missiles. and the north conducting the missile tests and this came days after the south and u.s. began annual war games. and republicans narrowing their list to eight finalist. las vegas and denver and phoenix and dallas and three cities in ohio. columbus and cleveland and cincinnati. >> and also a high school
10:33 am
student going big. and asking his girlfriend to the prom. she said yes. >> thank goodness. and i was thinking next time you send a tweet, it is free. >> for economical and romantic bill hemmer. >> have fun. >> and fox news alert. throw top republican senators getting ready to speak out on the floor of the senate and latest developments in this investigation. something that cathrein is watching closely. what are they expected to say. >> thank you, bill and good afternoon. and based on the conversations this morning, we expect the senators to renew the call of the cia and testify on capitol hill about the benghazi talking posts and a demonstration gone
10:34 am
awry was to blame for the attack that killed four americans and the senators have taken to the floor and expect him to speak 15 minutes and just for context, three senators cane cane and a yott met with mike morell, two months after the attack and claim that the meeting, mike morell blamed segcant edits. and they picked up the phone and to the fbi and asked whether this was the case. and they say the fbi went ballistic and within 24 hours, the ciowa a said morell had misspoke. he made these accusations. >> mike morell lied. he blamed the fbi and later in may and november of 2012.
10:35 am
>> reporter: the other thing to be listening for, we expect the senators to make a call for then ambassador susan rice who delivered the talking points to also appear on capitol hill to further understand why it was that she seemed to read what was begin to her rather than to do independent research. and in the last few minutes, i spoke to chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rod gers who confirmed they are reviewing the testimony of mike morell and david petraeus. they were leaving the door to recall to mike morell and petraeus. there were issues over the petraeus testimony about the benghazi attack in the 50 few weeks afterwards. they were unhappy with the characterization as spontaneous and like a flash mob.
10:36 am
it seemed like the former leadership of the cia is under the microscope. >> thank you, kathryn. >> it is astonishing behavior and doesn't lend credit for the majority leader of the senate who is the most significant democrat in the majority to use this kind of language. and further underscores they are desperate. everyone single one of them provided the vote that passed obama care and it is it a disaster for the country and they are going to pay the price for it this september. >> that was senator mcconnell reacted to harry reid. >> here's what was said yesterday. >> there are plenty of horror stories untold. all of them auntrue and they are told all over america.
10:37 am
lies. distorted by republicans to grab headlin headlines. >> and senator reid said he was referring to the vast majority of stories and ads. >> chris co phoenix and democratic senator joe manchin. brad, let me start wu. what do you make of what harry reid was saying about people with bad experiences with obama care? >> look if you take harry reid's own words there is no problem with obama care or website or sign ups and delivery of services and people are satisfied with the coined of law that was passed. three big lies perpetrated by democrats, you will keep your doctor and policy, false.
10:38 am
when americans tell their truthful story about their experiences with obama care, what does the septemberor do who claim they are political attacks he goes to the well of the senate and attack the americans. it is a disgrace! >> what mcconnell said, chris, his behavior is a stop iing. do you believe the people who have come on our channel, and related the stories of hard ships, are they liars? >> i will not call anybody a li. i will admit people out there had difficulty with the roll out whether it was the website or lost their plan, i understand that. i understand that has happen. what i think our message should be in fixing this. in fact the republicans are going to make a out of everything. the reality of what majority
10:39 am
leader reid was saying, the coke brothers are attacking the president and democrats and affordable care act. they are not doing it because they want to make the law better or alternative. they are achieving their own political end. >> they are doing it because they believe the law is bad for america. >> well, to be honest, i am not sure the coke brothers and they want an agenda. and make sure the democrats don't control the senate. and putting it aside one second. the recent poll by kaiser. even with all of the concerns people have. and they don't want the law repealed or repaired. the reality that is any ideas.
10:40 am
it is a a law work to your advantage when the law can't work. it is too big to fail. the fact of the matter we have a solution and don't let them be put forth. and even if you read the recent memo of house republicans. they are not sure the alternative to obama care. you want to fix the law great. >> all right guys. thank you for the debate. now to law makers are pushing to end a form of punishment that
10:41 am
many schools use. it is what some call barbaric. scream rooms and children as young as five are looked by themselves in chambers that are like cells. what is the reasoning behind this? joining us now is psychotherapist who is a parenting expert. carren, great to so you. >> thank you, and great to see you. such an important topic. >> what is so interesting about. this i have three kids and i had no idea that my state and most states have these so- called scream rooms where kids are locked in by themselves. it is solitary confinement and the parents never know about it. what is going on here in the schools? >> it is horrifying. i am a parent as well and a therapist and i hear this and if i were a car ton character
10:42 am
you would see steam coming out of my ears and you can't have scream rooms. isolated a child in solitary confinement and putting them in a jail sell doesn't teach them behavior change. what it teaches them is that it is something wrong with them and they are undeserving and unworthy of help and incapable of receiving tols and techniques and strategies. >> and let me, maybe they are encapable of that and let me give you the other side. >> teachers in public school have 25 or 30 kids in a class. if one of them is being unruly or loud or disruptive, it punishes the other 29. what the teacher thinks they are doing is isolating the one child and so that the other 29 can go back to learning, what do you
10:43 am
say? >> i say that having time with this child away from the room, i understand. the tonighter is overwhelmed and the teacher needs time to focus on the other kids. but the scream room is not a solution. if it was a therapeutic and a solution oriented therapist who sits down with the child. tell me what the underlining issues and what happened and what was it that you did and teaches them tools for change. cognitive behavior therapy is proven to work in the most extreme cases of behaviorial problems. and isolation and seclusion in a jail cell. there is no proof that that leads to behaviorial change. it would not be the teachers who look them up in a room and throw the key away. this is either enward like
10:44 am
depression and anxiety and suicidal and post traumatic stress disorder or outward. the screen room doesn't improve the problem. >> we should say that there is 66,000 cases of kids looked in the scream rooms in the past year. always great to talk to you. we envit everybody to find me on alisyn camerota. carren, thank you. a lawsuit from a mob wife. a daughter of this man. sammy the bull, carren, of mob wives fame said a popular video game ripped off her life story and the story line is hers. and our legal panel takes up the case that they cannot refuse. b
10:45 am
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10:47 am
test test.
10:48 am
>> coming up on the role story. how strong is the tea party right now and the assault on the gop status quo and how the establishment is faring. and plus, are you seeing the movie son of god tomorrow? film makers are there about the overwhelming positive reaction to the flicking. have the dogs done something naughty. do you think they feel guilt or something else? >> and i like it. >> reality tv star claims that a popular video game stole her story. >> this is former are mob star
10:49 am
ka ren ve grno. and see if someone can steal your life story? mark is a former prosecutor and defense theerl. and a list is an analyst. she said that the now character in grand theft autois eerily similar to her. also a daughter of a mob boss turned snitch. she then becomes a reality star. mark, is the game allowed to steal your life story? >> no, that's not what they did. it is a money grab. she doesn't own the right to any story to do with the mob. there are similarity ares. but the courts will gave latitude for stories on real events. i had a story based on my life. i got a lawyer. but i didn't sue.
10:50 am
that 40-year-old virgin movie was my life. >> no one going to see that. >> you are not paying 14 bucks to see that? >> no. >> does she have a case? a that. >> i'm not paying a cent to see that. >> does she have a case, a $40 million case? >> it sounds like a stretch but she actually really does. she has a right to her image, and a right to make money on that image. she has a book out there. she's clearly making money. they didn't offer her anything for it. she clearly has a case. gwen stefani had a case similar to this and won millions and millions of dollars. >> unfortunately too many don't have the right to sue. many are dismissed and this one will be, too. >> i'll tell you, mark, you were great in that movie. god bless. >> the stories will be mobbed for the video game. >> thank you. major changes coming to this
10:51 am
year's boston marathon after last year's terror attacks. we'll tell you those next. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. your modefy gravity.ything. find hidden treasure. make rainbows appear. now she could use a hand, so she can keep living on her own. comfort keepers can help you help her. our professional caregivers are carefully chosen and highly trained to provide a variety of in-home services while truly engaging with your aging loved ones so they can stay happy at home. comfort keepers. keeping the comforts of home. call comfort keepers now to learn more. bulldog: oooh!
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major security changes coming to next month's boston marathon after last month's deadly twin bombings at the finish line. three people dead, 260 injured. live from the square in boston, the finish line. what are the changes, molly, what's different? >> bill, 36,000 runners will come across the finish line on boyle street. that's 9,000 more than last year. there's some significant security changes. organizers have been working with law enforcement to ensure runners are safe as well as spectators. there could be over a million people lining this 26.2 mile route that curves through eight different cities and towns.
10:55 am
the biggest change this year is no bags. that policy means the runners won't be able to bring their backpacks on the transfer buses. they can bring them from boston to the starting line. no bags at the starting line and no bags at the finish line. they will have a setup where runners can use a boston association approved clear pass particular bag. they will be able to pick those up at boston common about a half mile away. this is interesting. some small fan y packs will be permitted for runners use. if they bring them, they have to be 5 to 15 inches this. year spectators could be searched. if you have a bag and you're anywhere along the route, a law officer could search the bag. they are taking it seriously but it won't be like a police state. >> we like to take a softer approach. we'll have plenty of assets in areas that won't be out to the public we'll be able to bring in quickly. undercover officers and a lot
10:56 am
have received training over the last several months on bomb recognition and characteristics on who might carry a bomb. we're still undergoing training. >> this year a big change for the race, unofficial participants won't be allowed. there's something in a running world called bandits. they will jump in a route without a bib number. not this year. if you plan to run with someone else without a bib, you might be pulled. back to you. >> biggest overhaul to food labels in years is coming to a grocery store near you soon. we want to know what do you think needs a label. what would you label? >> you, illegal. it's a shot, wasn't it? i would label libby because she's my gal. ♪ they lived ♪
10:57 am
they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what mas a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ ♪ ♪ we told you about new
11:00 am
government food labels. what would you label we asked. >> what needs a warning label? politicians. >> how about labeling deadly chemicals in our food. it's common sense. tammy, i would label men. come on, tammy. >> gene says majority of americans don't bother reading crucial legislation, why would they read nutrition labels? because it's easier. >> thanks for watching. i'm alisyn camerota. >> see you tomorrow. growing crisis in ukraine. gunmen seizings buildings in the country's southern region. also putting fighter jets on alert. white house press secretary jay carney on the escalating situation. >> we strongly support ukraine's territorial integrity an


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